Once upon a time…

…there lived a Princess whose principal passion and duty it was to enjoy the local land’s rich artistic pleasures. This was quite the honor and the perk for the Princess for the arts were plentiful in the valley of silicon. So abundant were these creative expressions that the kingdom was clandestinely referred to as Artopia, Artsville, Artstown, Artsopolis, and her personal favorite, Artsalot.

As time passed, the Princess decided she simply must find a way to share all her experiences with the other members of the kingdom. She must build an arts castle of sorts for each of her thoughts, or as she likes to call them her ARTerior missives!

And so, here you are! You have found the very-near-future home of art-related musings, thoughts, previews, reviews and recommendations of the Princess.

Welcome and enjoy!

Your Princess


About Artsalot

Your personal Princess, spreading her love of the Silicon Valley Arts and Culture Kingdom! Your former Princess of Artsopolis, welcomes you to Artsalot!
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