Royal Appreciation – Suit, Yarn, Shark

Today the Princess would like to thank the following unsuspecting artists.

#1 The man sitting next to me at Starbucks whose suit was beautifully tailored in a completely unobnoxious and unpretentious way. Fashion for men should not be reserved for celebrity. Bring back the suit people. Don’t take an hour and a half to pick it out or put it on and don’t put product in your hair or do your nails. I’m not asking for you to even wear a tie. Just find a nice suit that fits correctly and wear it proudly. Sir, you may not think of yourself as an artist, but you appeared a work of art to the Princess. I tip my tiara to you. Oh, and call me.

#2 The homeless woman who spent her money on bright red cherry yarn to knit instead of cigarettes. Using your hands in an artistic way in troubled times creates opportunities and peace of mind I wager. I wonder if she would be interested in teaching others to knit in her community. Maybe she could knit a (k)niche for herself and string together a living. Teach the homeless to knit and use or sell their fiber arts. Who wants to donate some yarn to start?

#3 The San Jose Sharks. I am sure there are those that feel sports have nothing to do with art, but they are wrong.  An athlete and an artist are cut from the same cloth. Our hockey team (and all our athletes, everywhere) have the agility of dancers, the precision of painters, and boy can they put on a show. Our athletes exhibit their art with lights, and music, and uniforms. Tools of the trade on a stage of ice. Spectacle. Collective joy. They perform and we watch as any audience does, judging, applauding, emoting. We converse afterwards, reliving the experience like any good film, book or play. Don’t tell me this isn’t poetry in motion.


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