Artful Adieu

Three days into this new freedom. This new kingdom. Three days and the moment of reconciling the legacy of the past and the promise and hope of the future is here. This present past is no longer mine. No longer in my realm.
“Life is unexpectedly amazing. Take the human body, for example. A body is in a constant state of subconscious cellular renovation. Skin cells are replaced every two to four weeks, all by themselves. Red blood cells are automatically refreshed in just four months. Even your bones get a total do-over every twenty years or so. Given the approximate renewal rates for each part of the whole (biologically speaking), at the end of seven years you’re a vastly different person than you were at the beginning. All this to say, it’s the natural order of things to cycle through various stages of life, repair and transform. Yes, all good things must come to an end, and this week, it’s the end of the road for San Jose Stage Company’s production of Lolita Roadtrip. This complex story of choices, creative journeys, redirection, and ultimate closure is one with a tremendous amount of subtext as well as heart and soul. Which brings us back to cells. It’s a little known fact that the rare princess cell is able to reinvent itself. This occurs every six years, eleven months and three weeks, or after the completion of exactly two hundred eSavers introductions. Artsopolis, embracing change while saving you some on a variety of wonderful arts experiences.”
…and so it is officially on to the next chapter… I dive passionately, tiara first, into transition…

About Artsalot

Your personal Princess, spreading her love of the Silicon Valley Arts and Culture Kingdom! Your former Princess of Artsopolis, welcomes you to Artsalot!
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