Princess Pick – Of Cars and Kings

If there’s one thing this Princess digs on a totally primal, hardwired, guilty pleasure kind of level, it’s a nice, shiny, sleek sports car. Everything tells me it’s a shallow, material fascination that I should resist, and yet…on a very base level, for lack of a better phrase, motors get my motor running. Shocking, I know. Shameful, I admit. Very unladylike, perhaps. I think it was Batman who once said something along the lines of, it’s the car, chicks dig the car.

From the classic nostalgia of a restored Mustang to the sleek modern look of the local favorite Tesla Roadster to the unique luxury lines of the Lamborghini, cars are high-end functional art. No one knows this better than Club Auto Sport in San Jose which is home to scores of mechanical masterpieces in their car condominium. The “museum” of cars is open to the public for special events and let me tell you, it’s quite special. The showroom and halls are filled with vehicles most of us only dream of owning. And between you and me boys, ever-so-much the chick-magnets. Seriously…very hot. Trust me on this.

So, what better way to wind down from a week than a wander amongst the Aston Martins and the Alfa Romeos? I’ll tell you. Spend it with Royalty. No, not Kate and William. As if. I’m talking about The Groove Kings. That’s right. This Friday you can drool over (but not on please) the autos, sip Pinot, nibble hors d’oeuvre, and get your groove on with not one but 6 kings! Masters of the dance party cover genre, the Groove Kings deliver on good times in their sleep (so you can imagine how awesome they are awake!) If your Royal wedding invitation somehow got lost, why not grab $10 (I know! So cheap!) and head on down to Club Auto Sport. High-caliber cars meets high-caliber music for a Friday that promises to get your pistons firing!

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