Two Sides – Cannonball

I’ve always enjoyed the humor of the lyric “So it’s not hard to fall  – When you float like a cannonball.” Damien Rice’s song is indeed a bit on the depressing side but, he captures a moment I can certainly relate to. Leaving a job that is such a huge part of who you are and you of it, proves to play out like a bit of a break up. I catch myself having brief moments of feeling “left out.” It’s kind of like that never-want-to-admit moment of pseudo stalking that occurs that first few weeks (okay, months) after a relationship split. In a similar slightly sardonic vein of  the above lyric, it’s like if my former workplace had RSVPed to a party say, I might show up with a  hot date just make it jealous. And then I think, one never knows how much you were drowning until you are let up for air. Shocking maybe at first, disorienting to be sure, but life-giving too, and so many shores to swim to.

And now… two sides…

Heads – Damien Rice, Cannonball

And Tails…Vienna Teng, a personal favorite of mine and a local talent who often plays at Montalvo and the Mountain Winery among others.

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