The Tuttles Take Juana Briones – Princess Pick

And now a special 6 degrees of this Princess Pick:

Nursery School =Finger painting =History =Drama=Teaching= Bluegrass

Let me explain.

Degree One: Nursery School:

Would that you could learn, absorb, and live as much throughout your whole life as I did in nursery school. Honestly, snacks, naps, being chased by boys, feeling the sand of the sandbox between your toes daily, watching butterflies hatch, and tons of art projects. What a life. Sure it was school, but at that age, I don’t ever remember not wanting to go or feeling like it was even learning. I’ve tried to embody that very free and full time throughout the rest my life. Not sure you could tell (says the Princess with a smirk.) Among my most wonderful memories about nursery school and in fact my entire life is…

Degree Two: finger painting.

Finger painting is one of those things that is extremely fulfilling as a child. Maybe as an adult even. But, as a child it’s like an authorized mess. A mess that is not only allowed but, is praised and hung on the fridge. I remember EVERY SINGLE FINGER PAINTING I EVER DID. VIVIDLY. The cool feel of the finger paints, the slick paper, the starchy smell, the making a mess part, this tactile pleasure of rebellious creation at an early age is something that inexplicably has stuck in my mind, so much so that for years that was my strongest memory. The next time year of school next to nursery school was…

Degree Three: 9th Grade History…

In 9th grade I had the best History teacher on the planet. Mr. McGovern had a way of making dates and important historical facts stick in my brain. Not since finger painting did I have such strong memories. From having to crawl to avoid “shell fire” into the trenches (classroom) that was so heavy with fog you could hardly see to then receive an impassioned “lecture” about WWI from your authentically war uniformed teacher was unprecedented, even in Palo Alto =-). Hannibal crossing the alps, the trial of Charlotte Corday, the black death, the industrial revolution, and on and on, I’m telling you, I know more History from that one class than a lifetime of watching Jeopardy. It made a huge impact on my decision to teach, write and direct children’s theatre with the focus being on education, which led me after college to another expert in this field…

Degree Four: Palo Alto Children’s Theatre

During my lifetime I’ve been fortunate to have had many mentors in the community. One of these was Michael Litfin who for 31 years worked at the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre. During that time he wrote many a show that exposed children of all ages (from 4-24) to different cultures, historical events, taught them manners, and even served as a type of therapy for these young actors. As most recent grads probably experience, I found myself a bit lost, and Michael was there to employ me as a director for the long esteemed Outreach program. Direct 3rd-5th graders in plays at their school, cast all who audition, write parts if needed, teach them (and their parents about commitment) it was a huge opportunity that opened my eyes to even more of life’s possibilities. One of my first schools was…

Degree Five: Juana Briones School in Palo Alto

Coincidentally, (or not so much) I got to direct my History Teacher, Mr. McGovern’s daughter Hannah in the play. What a fantastic life lesson my time with the Outreach program was and what a fine groups of kids I’d go on to teach and watch blossom. Management, Theatre, diplomacy, non-profit, education, parenting, writing and overall a real realization that raising children takes parents, teachers, mentors, siblings, and a community of committed people. I would not have grown up the Princess I am today without my 6 degrees, and so in an effort to continue to try to pay it forward in the only way I can…

Degree Six: Your Princess Pick, The Juana Briones PTA Benefit Concert, With the Tuttles

A great cause. A worthy school. Fantastic talent that will entertain. All this Friday the 13th. Go. Enjoy. Embrace. Support. Laugh. Love. Be well. Then go buy some finger paints.

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