Royal Appreciation – Green Machines, Double takes, Ears and Whiskers

Today the Princess would like to thank the universe for these unexpected artful moments.

#1 You mister, with the crazy green car that reminds me of a cool tyrannosaurus rex on wheels. You are both timelessly hip and dangerously quirky. You are my thin mint mobile and you made me smile, stop and snap a picture when I had places to be. You are delightfully conspicuous, and you know it. And I applaud your artful vehicle. Bravo mister. Bravo.

#2 To the person both in charge of creating and approving the super col utility box covering that elicited both a double take and an audible laugh from the Princess. How thoughtful to dress the naked exposed steel with a reflection of its view. Your dopplegangerism is creative and it too must be praised. You have indeed doubled my pleasure and made me take notice of that which may have gone unnoticed.

#3 Beezel. You three-legged foster cat, who seemingly would never stop moving. I must thank you for sitting still long enough for me to capture your photo. Your stunning and disproportionately massive ears, hearing but ignoring my plea to calm down. Your exceptional whiskers, secretly feeling out the seriousness of my requests to stop moving. With this photo, you will no doubt be adopted by someone who will not yell at you to cease your hyper-activity. A good fit for all. My tiara is off to you. Just don’t eat it please. Seriously. Don’t.

About Artsalot

Your personal Princess, spreading her love of the Silicon Valley Arts and Culture Kingdom! Your former Princess of Artsopolis, welcomes you to Artsalot!
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