REVIEW – My Three Angels – Santa Clara Players

Cute. Kittens are cute (if you aren’t allergic to them.) Kids are cute (assuming you aren’t allergic to them or they aren’t having a meltdown in the grocery store.) And, My Three Angels at Santa Clara Players is cute (provided you aren’t allergic to simple dialogue and highly unlikely plotlines.)

The premise is odd, kind of a comedy of manners crossed with A Christmas Carol but inmates instead of ghosts and set in the tropics. What?! Exactly. Random. But, that oddness is part of its charm and ultimately its cuteness.

This play is littered with mostly ridiculous and predictable coincidences as well as some fun, appropriately placed melodrama and consequently there were many chuckles throughout. The chemistry of the cast was sufficient and although the pacing seemed a bit slow on the night I saw the show, the second half which is atypically longer than the first half, doesn’t feel long.

True, I can’t say this is a deep play, you’re essentially going to escape for approximately 2 ½ hours and that’s that. Nothing struck me as tremendously outstanding with the production but, nothing stood out as being bad either.  All I can say really is it’s a consistent, wholesome and pleasant enough evening of entertainment from a cast that clearly enjoys what they are doing.

An endearing and sincerely uncomplicated 3 out of 5 jewels in the tiara for My Three Angels which plays at the 72 seat Triton Hall Pavillion in Santa Clara through November 19th.

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