INTERVIEW – Jimmy Goode – Makeup/Hair – CATS – Broadway San Jose

I should have known better. Let one cat dabble in writing and the other is sure to want to have his big break too. Since it’s only fair, the Princess is letting her other three-legged wonder cat Lincoln, try his paw at arts blogging. Since he insisted on getting a chance to rub whiskers with the stars of CATS too, here’s a “purrfile” on Jimmy Goode, local boy who made good in the theatre world and is now the Makeup and Hair guru of the current tour.

Lincoln: Hair/fur is of course super important to us cool cats (makeup, not so much). I style my own fur and whiskers, but I’ve been known to help my buddy Paxton with his, since it’s much longer and more wiley. I must admit, it’s kind of fun and I have a knack. If I weren’t chasing string and protecting the house from evil string-like-things all day, I might consider a career in hair. How did you get started doing hair and make-up professionally?

Jimmy: I actually started off doing costume design for theatre, and still do. When I was getting my degree in college I was required to take courses in theatrical hair and makeup. Those skills actually came somewhat naturally to me as well and I have been able to utilize my wig and makeup skills quite frequently. My first professional wig job was with the National Tour of the The Wedding Singer. Talk about some fun big hair and makeup! I have been pursuing it ever since. 

Lincoln: I can’t honestly imagine a better show title than CATS, unless if was just CAT and that cat was me, but aside from CATS, what have been your favorite shows to work on and in what cat-pacity?

Jimmy: Of course The Wedding Singer was a lot of fun to work on. Big 80’s hair, fun music, and a really talented cast. The other really fun projects I have been fortunate enough to work on have been with Royal Caribbean International. Their full length production of Hairspray on the Oasis of the Seas is a great show with some pretty fantastic hair. What could be better than styling Hairspray in the Caribbean?! I was also the wig designer for their musical Saturday Night Fever on the Liberty of the Seas, which in addition to great 70’s hairstyles, has taken me throughout the Mediterranean!  

Lincoln: I imagine the humidity in the Caribbean would be a beast on my fur, I’d definitely need your expertise if I’d been on the boat with you. If you weren’t a make-up artist what would you be doing now, you think?

Jimmy: Well my standby would be costume design. I love every aspect of designing a show. The research, collaboration process, and realization of a design going from paper to real life is just so rewarding and satisfying. Of course if I was not backstage I would most likely have pursued performance. I was very active on stage until I was about 20. Someday it’d be nice to be back on stage, but I am very content and happy with what I do and where I am!

Lincoln: If I weren’t a cat, I would totally be a dog, because I’m wicked good at fetch and my meow is already sort of half a bark, plus San Jose is a great place for dogs with lots of parks and things to sniff. Speaking of the Bay Area, good to be back in your hood?

Jimmy: It’s so great to be back in the bay area. I’m very excited for not only my family to see the show, but for my theatre family and friends that I grew up with to see the show. I can’t wait for kids from Children’s Musical Theatre San Jose to come and see this incredible production! I also love the food around here, you can’t beat some good home cooking!! A quick shout out to my friends from CMT and my best friend Sarah! 

Lincoln: Okay, I can see some evil string that needs my attention post-haste, but one last question before I make the linear demon submit to its master… any special signature/secret make up tip for the ladies or the kitties out there?

Jimmy: Take your time! That’s the secret! Lots of people tend to do their makeup in what they think is enough time, but trust me, if there’s one thing I learned in makeup and costume design it’s that things generally take you three times longer than you think they will! The other secret, it’s all in the eyes! Make your cat eye makeup flawless and that makes the whole thing work!!

Lincoln: You hear that people, take your time. No rushing! Good advice for makeup, hair and other real world applications like petting, sleeping, eating and more sleeping. CATS runs tonight through January 1, 2012 only at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

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