Monday. Sigh. Although I know it will be nearly impossible to accept, admittedly, on occasion, even a Princess, such as myself, has been know to act the beast on a Monday. It’s as if I’m under a spell. This got me thinking how maybe MONDAY was the inspiration for the story of Beauty and the Beast.  Being a curious Princess (as so many of us are) I decided to research and went directly to the source to explore my question. Enter Dane Agostinis who is actually playing The Beast in the touring production of Beauty and the Beast which comes to San Jose next week. Below are my enlightening findings on his experience as Beast.

Princess: How long have you been (playing) a Beast… do you notice any beast-like habits you have picked up when not on stage?

Dane: I’ve been with the tour since March of 2011. I’m almost at the one year mark! I do find myself sometimes answering people in grunts and growls, but I honestly don’t know if that was a habit I did before I joined the tour or not!

Princess: Sounds like it’s hard to distinguish Monday from Beastday. What are the beast things, I mean best things about touring and acting for a living?

Dane: The best thing about touring is traveling to new places all the time and being able to perform for family and friends all over North America. I’ve been to some really great places including LA, Memphis, Anchorage, Vancouver, Seattle, and Ft. Lauderdale. I still have yet to see Boston, Philly, Montreal, Toronto and of course, San Jose!

Princess: I’m glad they let you travel. Some places are very picky about what types of pets/beasts can travel and where they will let you stay. If you weren’t an actor/Beast, what would you be doing for a living right now?

Dane: I had always wanted to be a professional baseball player! I played up until high school where I found acting and changed gears. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything else I can see myself doing and I’m very lucky to be able to make a living doing what I love.

Princess: I guess you exchanged baseballs for throwing royal balls! Speaking of which, I have two left feet, which proves ever so embarrassing for a Princess.  Most inconvenient when filling up that dance card. Does the beast have an embarrassing trait or mishap to share?

Dane: If you remember in the movie, the Beast only sings one little section of a song and that song is repeated in our show. So, one night I flubbed on the lines and ended up saying that Belle had a paw, when I was supposed to sing about my paw. I messed up the ONLY lyrics that the majority of the audience would have any chance of knowing.

Princess: I’m sure they have forgiven you. No worries. I have to say, I’m excited over the concept of the castle coming to life. If only my “castle” could animate itself. If you could have one household object come to life for real, what would it be?

Dane: Cleaning supplies so they can clean on their own. And, maybe clothes so they can iron, wash and fold themselves!

Princess: I hear you on that one! Important question coming at you… in a fight, who would win the Beast or Joe Thornton, number 19 for the San Jose Sharks Hockey team?

Dane: I think it would depend on where the bout took place! If the Beast was on ice skates I’d say definitely Joe, but if he came to the castle or any other venue I think the Beast could give him a good fight!

Princess: I’ll see what I can do to test that theory! Now, to the dirt. Everyone has little annoying habits, leaving dishes in the sink, leaving clothes next to the hamper, biting nails… Belle, what’s her most annoying habit. Don’t worry, she won’t read this.

Dane: Belle reads too fast! I try to keep at her pace, but she’s always flipping the page before I can sound out the words;-)

Princess: If that’s her worst habit, I’d say she’s a keeper. Now, seriously, would you rather be a prince or a beast?

Dane: I would definitely want to be a prince. The Beast is turned into something other than his true self.

Princess: Plus, way less brushing and combing, too. Your character is put under a magical spell, if you could put a magic spell on someone what would it be and who would you put it on?

Dane: There are too many spells I’d like to cast, but the one that is most prominent in my life now is to put a protection spell on my brother, Ryan,  who is fighting for our country overseas and all his fellow soldiers so they can come home safe.

Princess: I’ll get my people working on that for you post haste!hy should people come see Beauty and the Beast?

Dane: Our show is such a wondrous event every night and if people would like to get transported into a fairy tale for two and a half hours of pure enjoyment, they should come the see Beauty and the Beast! The story is classic. The music will stay with you. The actors and musicians and stage crew are always putting our whole beings into making the experience amazing and unforgettable. Plus, who doesn’t want to see dancing forks?

Princess: Dancing forks! Sold! Thanks for you time and break a leg! Broadway San Jose presents Beauty and the Beast at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts March 6th-11th only!

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