I wasn’t planning on writing a review for Beauty and the Beast. It’s admittedly not my thing (the dynamics of the Princess Territory Bylaws are too complex for me to go into detail with you now, you understand) and I didn’t think I’d be able to squeeze it in my Princess Calendar to be perfectly honest. However, I would be remiss in my duty if I failed to inform my readers who are in “the family way” of this great opportunity for your kids to experience the magic of live theatre. I might be stating the obvious, I do that, a lot really, but this is a super production for the child demographic provided their parent(s) are okay with them staying up past their bedtimes. (Kids, tell your parents Princess Susannah said it was okay!)

Colorful, magical,  full of lights, puppetry and theatrical effects, this show is an instant classic and a beautiful spectacle as a whole. You know the story, you know the characters, you know some of the songs, you know the slapstick humor and the cast performs the absolute crud (pardon my language) out of this show. They get all that Disney is and does and Walt himself would I’m sure be proud. Expressive, note perfects, funny, I can’t find a flaw in it (not that I try to!)

Unlike Shrek which was shockingly layered and adult in content, B & B really isn’t catering to the adults with the possible exception of the Lummiere and Babette mini sub plot. It’s silly and sweet and simple and you’re likely to be watching your kids reactions as much as you are the show. You will certainly admire the talent on stage, but this one is really for the kids. But what a treat! Don’t be surprised if you start a trend or a tradition with your family to go see more shows! There really is nothing like the performing arts!

Kids (and adults) are encouraged to wear their Belle and Beast costumes (I wore my tiara of course) but make sure you have coats as it can be quite cold in the theatre (in order to keep the actors from melting under all the lights and fur!) Based on the kids in the audience last night it’s a 5 out of 5 jewel review for the little ones. The parents will perhaps enjoy it more in the 3 1/2  jewel range but will sleep easy knowing they have given their kids a brilliant evening (or day if you can get tickets to a matinée) of Arts and Culture! Beauty and the Beast plays only through Sunday, March 11th at the San Jose Center of Performing Arts.

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