REVIEW – Old Goats – Cinequest – By Guest Reviewer W. Fred Crow

REVIEW – Old Goats

by W. Fred Crow

Director/Writer: Taylor Guterson

Happily, and inevitably, we all know an old goat. Really. Whether he is an uncle, an aged father, or a grandfather, we all know an old codger. Some garrulous curmudgeon who romps through our lives, enlivening our days leaving behind stories we get to tell to others.

“Old Goats” is a gentle-paced piece that showcases three retired fellows as they deal with an even slower cadence of life.  In spite of their diverse and unconnected backgrounds, these three bond close together over a common need – to feel alive and valued.

Director Guterson has Bob Burkholder, Britton Crosley, and David Vander Wal playing themselves, as an over-the-hill trio brought together by an affinity for retired success. Meeting at a men’s club they reach outside themselves and for one another for validation and support.

Britt has lived on board his boat for 30 years, and the mess below decks confirms his nautical bachelor status. He dreams of sailing solo to the Islands one day, and then casting off through the Pacific. But that’s all he has – dreams. Bob writes his memoirs, having lived life to the fullest – as an adventurer, pilot, soldier of fortune, womanizer – and seeks confirmation of his life from Dave. Dave is a retired executive who moves easily between his nagging wife’s dinner parties and the Spartan, understated environment of the men’s club meetings.
Age and truth. Therein lies the truth of the film. “Old Goats” is true. True to character, true to unfulfilled dreams, true to want of personal connections. “Old Goats” is a fiction that captures the reality of the many human caricatures we enjoy in our own lives. “Old Goats” is a film for everyone over 50! And for everyone under 50; after all, this is where you’re heading. Grab some popcorn, a fizzy drink, sit back and enjoy.

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