REVIEW – Worth the Weight – Cinequest – By Guest Reviewer W. Fred Crow

REVIEW- Worth the Weight

by W. Fred Crow

Director Ryan Sage  Writer Dale Zawada

Many believe that sheer size makes one visible and invincible. But one carrying major girth could be like the elephant in the room…one is recognized, but no one is talking about you; you are just not visible. Such is the life of Sam Roberts (Robbie Kaller), a 400+ pound nice guy no one sees on a personal level, especially those of the opposite sex.

Wanting to change his life and have a real relationship, Sam joins a gym and engages Cassie (Jillian Leigh) as a personal trainer. Some trainer! Cassie can teach health, but her self-destructive chain-smoking ways yells a louder message.

Sam is smitten by Cassie and wants more than a trainer/friend relationship. Cassie isn’t sure what – or who – she wants. She has a fiancée. Sam struggles to maintain focus when Cassie chooses to remain with her total-opposite love interest, a serious doofus we don’t grow to care about. We feel Sam’s angst and heartbreak when Cassie announces her wedding plans and it isn’t to him. Sam’s rejection appears complete. 

“Worth the Weight” comes with solid direction by Ryan Sage, who allows the film to flow with good tempo and pace. We develop a connection with the big fellow and find ourselves, hoping against hope, that success reaches this tender underdog. Kaller provides us with a delightful gentle giant approach to Sam, while Leigh performs Cassie as a little bit flighty, unsure of her future, and insecure of her friendships. Together, Kaller and Leigh (and Sage) play well together, and successful combination very visible on the screen.

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