PREVIEW – Cinequest Picks – Films That Caught the eye of the Princess

I can not believe Cinequest is already here! The next two weeks will include a lot of sitting in dark theaters, clapping at the end of films and conversations over drinks at all hours of the day/night. It will not include much sleep, but the energy that is released on this city when the Cinequest Film Festival comes to town almost carries us through to the next years’ festival. While I haven’t seen any of these films yet (and may not even get to all of them due to that pesky day job thing) below are films that stood out for me among the many via a small paragraph in the catalog. In no particular order the Princess’ Picks:

Shorts Program 4: Animated Worlds – I dream in cartoon 90% of the time, so I feel both obligated and excited to see the animated shorts each year. I’m rarely disappointed and often time impressed with the variety of “animation” that is compiled in this program. So many styles and so many totally different stories. I never miss these if I can possibly help it.

Come On, Eddy – I always try to pick a film where there is an underdog to root for and this year of all the films, I think our young  Freddy in this film is the one. It could be also that he’s a little redhead too. I’m wagering there is going to be a lot of cheering out loud in the theater on this one, and that’s one of my absolute favorite things to witness and participate in at Cinequest.

Goldfish Go Home – A young Brazilian immigrant is having trouble with adjusting to a Japanese school. He catches a blue goldfish that turns out to be the spirit of a Chinese Princess. I think that’s all I need to know in order to totally love this movie.

La Camioneta: The Journey of One American School Bus – You learn something new every day and in reading a single descriptor paragraph about this film I learned about 6. This bodes well for an entire film.

The Believers – I did a report on Cold Fusion my Junior Year of High School and since then I ‘ve always had a love affair with the thought of it becoming a reality. I also really liked the film The Saint. Neither of these things should really influence this film choice, but they do. I also really like it when people, or Mavericks as we like to call them at Cinequest, stand up for an IDEA even if they are going to essentially be annihilated for it, so this story appeals to me in that regard also. This film serves the geek and the maverick in me in concept.

The Citizen – For most of the year political films are off-limits for me. It’s not why I go see films and the topic of 911 is no different. I make exceptions for Cinequest though and this film caught my eye because of the fresh perspective it potentially brings. A man from the Middle East looking to become a citizen on September 10th, 2001… Intriguing enough for me to commit to a viewing. What is Cinequest for if not to expand my mind and open my eyes to things I normally filter or edit out of my daily routine.

Program 6: Docu-nation – Some of the best reporting and best education is done through documentary film and this program always sparks conversations and forces me to form opinions and in many cases do my own research. These films spur action not just thought, challenging my own knowledge and principles, another great byproduct of films and Cinequest.

Running Wild: The Life of Dayton O. Hyde – I reserve the two weeks of Cinequest to see films that might make me cry. This one seems to have big time weep potential as well as some great shots of some of my favorite Western landscapes. I’m a cowgirl and a pioneer at heart and so a film on one man’s quest at the end of his life to save the Wild Horses, is a film I want to see and probably will have to bring tissue to.

We Went to War – One of the things film does best is show the impact of things over time. The immediate effects of the Vietnam War had on 3 youths were recorded in a film in 1970 and now, the  soldiers are revisited 40 years later to see how the effects of war ended up changing them forever. From a psychological standpoint this interests me, but also in how FILM has changed in that time too. How we approach our subjects is almost as interesting as the topic that is explored in this film.

Loveless Zoritsa – A love story with a twist, make that a curse, and a dedicated police officer bent on finding the key to reverse said curse. Digging up bodies to end A gypsy’s kiss of death? That’s my kind of Chick Flick. Say no more, I’m in.

One Day or Another – I have a special place in my heart for Turkey. This coupled with a mystical wind that brings confidence to three of the films characters make me want to buy this film on the spot. High expectations, I’m hoping they are realized with this one.

The Pretty Time Bomb –  This film takes a common premise used in Speed and Crank and puts a unique spin on it. A little suspense, a little nutty professor, a little love story…high “adorable” potential here and worth a look I’d say.

The Almost Man – Immaturity versus adulthood is how it’s described, but I say it’s perhaps the most likely to be crowned life imitating life. A man soon to be a father finds he is compelled to act out in inappropriate ways… If I laugh at it on paper, I rate the laughing out loud possibilities as very high. We shall see.

Panihida – Using film itself, the editing, the score, the format, this is the geeky part of film that often time creates the most emotional effect. I love when thought and technology combine to create this magical, emotional connection with the subjects. This is one of the only films that has the editing and shots really called out as something magical and it certainly seems a unique and worthwhile film to explore.


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