Art At Its Finest – A First Look at Silicon Valley Contemporary Art Expo

I went into the Silicon Valley Contemporary thinking I could walk through the exhibit in an hour and I’d maybe see a few pieces that appealed. I was completely unprepared for how MUCH art I’d see, how many different KINDS of art there would be and that I’d like so much of it. The vibe running through the Exhibit Hall at the San Jose Convention Center was electric AND eclectic. What a fine gathering of people, an truly international, cultural crowd, unlike anything I’ve seen Downtown before. A people-watching extravaganza in and of itself! Remarkable and SO fun!

52 galleries from 10 countries are represented in the 50, 000 square foot hall. So much to see and so much intriguing, smart, fun and amazing art, it’s kind of mind-blowing. REALLY creative sounds terribly obvious, but it really was astounding. This show really is the best of the best, so well curated, with pieces that are so interesting conceptually as well as beautifully crafted and presented.

Some  of my favorite pieces were the ones that look very different from a distance than they do up close and when you see what materials were used and you get to talk to the artists and the gallery reps about the inspirations, techniques and the meaning behind the pieces, it just opens up a new way to look at each piece. I don’t always get that personal story in a museum or even in some galleries and it was refreshing. This was a perfect environment to get everything you needed in order to “understand” a piece and increase your chance of being affected by it.

Don’t miss this opportunity (Through this Sunday only). Go and go with friends (or be prepared to talk to strangers there) because it’s all about perspective and individual impact and dialogue with this event. Give yourself at least 3 hours if not twice that to explore ALL the variety! 5 out of 5 well deserved jewels in the review tiara for what is eye-opening, awe-inspiring and hopefully will become an annual event! A FREE day pass is available here while supplies last!

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