Cinequest is off and running and what a way to start!

Aspie Seeks Love

What a wonderful story and a fantastic example of using all the components of film to tell the story in a way that compliments, parallels and really “gets” the subject.  From the editing and cinematography, to the sound design and story arc, they all come together in a style totally empathetic to the subject, making it really feel as if our central focus is telling HIS story; in the way a writer, romantic and man ranking on the autism scale would tell it. This compassionate vehicle guides you into an understanding of “Aspie” beyond the words that are being said. It’s an endearing, intelligent, sweet, honest documentary, free of preaching or forcing an opinion or way you should think/feel and instead just shares a glimpse of life with us. With a slightly self-deprecating sense of humor, one present in our adorably sincere and admittedly awkward protagonist, this film follows the challenges of finding love (and sex) with the additional complication of an Asperger’s diagnosis. As the world relies more and more heavily on social engagement and even more so obviously with social activities like companionship, where does that leave those with social interactions and nonverbal communication difficulties? A fascinating question and the exploration of that question is wonderfully captured in this film which really grows on you. Down to the final frame, this film is marvelously accented, punctuated, and paced.  Quite the treat! 4 1/2 jewels out of 5 in the review tiara! Aspie Seeks Love has 3 showings: Friday, 27th, Sun March 1, and Wed March 4th.

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