REVIEW- Batkid Begins – Cinequest

On the surface Batkid Begins is a documentary about the granting of a wish to be Batman for a day. A wish that was not totally unlike other wishes granted by the Make a Wish Foundation in other cities for other kids in the past. Yes, this is a film about an adorable kid who fought a terrible disease, and it’s about the power of social networking, and it’s about amazing, skilled individuals behind the scenes of what could have been a total PR and logistical nightmare and ended up the opposite of that. But, really when you come down to it, Batman Begins is a look at why the Bay Area totally kicks ass. There are very few places that this story could have unfolded the way that it did even with a viral aspect prevalent everywhere today. We are invested in dreams here.  We organically nurture and harvest imagination here. We innovate and succeed here, because we have an insatiable curiosity and love of fun paired with a drive and desire to be better (at everything). We work hard at playing hard, always looking for a better, faster, and more fun way to do the things that bring us joy. We grow older here, but we do not grow up. Many of us (as demonstrated in the film by an array of people, many holding very powerful positions in the City) are missing that part of our brain that limits us or says we are” too old for that”. It made total sense to have Batkid’s story start here, because in the Bay Area, we can all be Batkid. Because, we just can be. Because why not? Because, how hard could it be, right? Because, we just ARE. This film is a celebration of shutting down negativity and what happens when we let love and imagination lead the way. It chronicles the things we never saw behind the scenes of the day in a way that really has us on the edge of our seat and getting to know the exemplary humans that were key players of this epic day.  It shows us how the day which was already killer, was even more so. It gives us access to the contagious energy of the day all over again. The whole thing is pretty perfect. And, talk about energy, what an outstanding way to see this film, opening night of Cinequest, with people in the audience who were helping to spread the viral goodness leading up to and throughout that day. Participants.  People who are cut from this cloth of proud and amazing Neverland nerds.  The California Theatre, packed to the gills, swelled with pride. “That’s us, we did that, yay us, when can we do it again, what’s next?” Tears nearly formed a few time to hear the audience erupt with laughter and applause, spontaneously at all the same parts. “We get it, this is how WE roll” And, at the end, which none of us was ready for, my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and we all kind of glowed from this delightful celluloid journey. If you could just harness the humanity of that day, every day, think of what you could accomplish globally. Think of what WAS accomplished, kind of accidentally? Hell, think if you could just spread the joy from Tuesday’s audience. And, those thoughts, are hope and awesomeness and the power of people and dreams, and of course the power of film. It’s freaking awesome, all of it and when I become a real Princess, I’m showing it at my monthly “Tea with the Princess” sessions which will be open to the public of course. I’m  bummed there aren’t any more scheduled showings, but if you EVER get a chance to see it, stop everything, get your cape, and watch it. 5 out of 5 jewels in the review tiara for a professional, entertaining film of a story I’ll never, ever get sick of.

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