REVIEW- Bad Exocists – Cinequest

I’d like to thank the team behind Bad Exorcists for making a truly, pea-soup-spitting good film. Really. If you are a distributor…I’ll mention that again in bold, in case the SEO gods are trolling, IF YOU ARE A FILM DISTRIBUTOR, BAD EXORCISTS SHOULD BE ON YOUR LIST. Not your list, it should be bought and put in theaters so quick it doesn’t even make it on the list. There is no list that can contain this smart, funny, genre-bending, wonderfully shot, totally enjoyable film; except the list of awesome, it can be on that one. The combination of the jokes and the timing, the spot on delivery by the actors, the framing, the pacing, and the brilliant score, all of it, really make this a stand on its own film. Plus, it’s easily better than 90% of the horror, teen, bromance, and comedies combined that make it to theaters.

The script is tight, fresh, fun, and what could have easily been a been there/done that storyline, it’s surprisingly nuanced, artful and intelligent without bringing pretension to the table or losing its silliness. Entertainment, people. That’s what this is. Broadly appealing, fabulously executed and honestly, one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. This film has ONE more scheduled screening, Thursday at 2:45. I will personally write you a note to get out of work to go see this movie. I will. You might still get in trouble, but consider the excuse done! If the ENCORE gods are listening, this film and this team, deserve more eyes and ears on this totally rad nugget of hilarity. 5 out of 5 jewels in the review tiara for a side-splitting romp of amazingness.

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