REVIEW – Here Come the Videofreex – Cinequest Film Festival

Day 6 of Cinequest and I came across a real gem! Here Come the Videofreex was JUST what I needed at the end of a Monday; an absolute treasure of a film with a loveable band of radicals at the center of it. With a wonderful narrative and some absolutely priceless video tape footage from the late 60’s and early 70’s, this film really has it all. It had me laughing, it got me angry, it was sweet, a bit sad and overall it was a truly fascinating story told in a compelling way. Both a palpable history lesson and an endearing, nostalgic account of how an adorable, determined, clever, group of bohemian video artists set out to collectively pioneer a new medium during a tremendously tumultuous time of our history, it’s balanced and well-paced. There’s an innocent sincerity about this film that I genuinely loved and my only challenge was, due to the shaky camera clips that dominate this feature, I found myself quite motion sick for the last part. I’ll definitely need to catch that last 20 minutes again with some fresh eyes/stomach. A delightful 4 ½ jewels out of 5 in the review tiara for a brilliant look at how media has been shaped with the “help” of access to the handheld video camera, and so much more. Here Come the Videofreex has one more scheduled screening Thursday, March 10th at noon.

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