Additional Writing – Plays

Full length Plays:

Pandemonium – Pandora’s butter-fingered husband Epimetheus travels throughout 7 wondrous worlds where quirky characters from international folk tales converge, collide, and collaborate to cover up a catastrophe!  From Valhalla of Norse mythology to the Dreamtime of the Australian Aboriginals, the fun is seven-fold as Epimetheus recruits an international cast of characters to help him get  the 7  “evils” (plus two) back in Pandora’s Box before he’s blamed for unleashing them upon the human world! 10 mythological characters chase 9 evils through 8 countries in 7 days, over 6 continents and 5 oceans 4 all of humanity! Can 3 strangers, 2 of them birds, help 1 man stop the countdown to total Pandemonium?  A globally engaging arts adventure that incorporates music, dance, language, and traditional costuming. The cast size is flexible and intended to be performed by any age group or mix of children 5+ and adults.

Short Plays:

Little Red Rodeo – A 15 minute comic, 4 person version of Little Red Riding Hood taking place in Texas.

Day After Day –  10 minute comic short that takes a look at Mondays and flips all the negative stereotypes about it on their head.

To produce any of these plays or for perusal scripts, please email me HERE.

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