Once upon a time…

There lived a Princess whose principal passion and duty it was to enjoy the local land’s rich artistic pleasures. This was quite the honor and the perk for the Princess for the arts were plentiful in the valley of silicon. So abundant were these creative expressions that the kingdom was clandestinely referred to as Artopia, Artsville, Artstown, Artsopolis, and her personal favorite, Artsalot.

As time passed, the Princess decided she simply must find a way to share all her experiences with the other members of the kingdom. She must build an arts castle of sorts for each of her thoughts, or as she likes to call them her ARTerior missives!

And so, here you are! You have found the home of her art-related musings, thoughts, previews, reviews and recommendations of the Princess.

For information on what to expect from her reviews (which are not and are not intended to be what you find in newspapers or other media please) see this post HERE.


By day Susannah  Greenwood disguises herself as an adult by working at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts as their Part Time Marketing Outreach Coordinator/Community Partnership Princess. By night she is way less mature, but just as active as a local theater director, produced playwright, occasional actor, local Arts reviewer, Arts Marketing/PR consultant and whimsical hat maker. A Palo Alto native and a San Jose resident for the last 15 years, Susannah has travelled on 6 continents, is the proud human servant to a 3-legged rescue cat, a geek of many trades, a proud, natural redhead, and the author of 100 things to do in San Jose Before You Die.



2 Responses to Once upon a time…

  1. Bonny Novesky says:

    Hi Susannah
    I’m not quite sure if you are reviewing art or just theater arts, events, etc. But if you are reviewing studio art, our studio (Linden Street Studios) is participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios on May 7-8. We will be setting up on Friday, May 6th and I would love to show you around our studio. We have 11 artists who will be participating and are located in Redwood City at 275 B Linden Street. Very close to Target but on the other side of El Camino in a warehouse located obviously, on Linden Street. You have been so good at promoting events in the SJ area. We could use a little of your magic in Redwood City. You have already met one of our artists, Mary Alice Bowie who is very active at Little House.

  2. Artsalot says:

    The Princess does not deny any art form from her realm. Be it performing, visual, edible, or otherwise there is always a story to be told and experience to share. All art is my subject! I shall have my page contact you to arrange a good time to talk and tour. Oh yes, there will be Open Studio as well as Linden Street love! Thank you most loyal Artisan!

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