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100 Things to Do in San Jose Before You Die: 100 Things to Do in San Jose Before You Die guides you through the weird, wild, wonderful sights of Silicon Valley’s capitol. With a helpful and humorous voice (grown organically out of the dot com dynasty) this book will allow you to not only find, but fully embrace your inner geek as you pioneer your own Josean form of Manifest Destiny. Provided within are secret hacks to the culinary legacy represented by the diverse population of the region (as well as all the trendy, new go-to, foodie finds), tips on the tremendous art and cultural offerings around every corner, and scores of ways to get you off the grid and take unique advantage of the more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Whether a first time visitor, a regular traveler to the area or a local, new quests await you in the pages of this Manual-of-Awesome. Let 100 Things to Do in San Jose Before You Die help you find the way to the San Jose you never knew existed.


Order HERE.

2 Responses to Additional Writing – Books

  1. HI Susannah! I’m so excited to learn about you. My Amazon purchase is on the way, and I can’t wait. This past summer I went to the Greek Festival and had -oh, my god- an incredible and immersive experience; I will be reflecting on this on my own blog! After discovering that it was listed on 100 Things to Do in San Jose Before You Die, I had to purchase the book. If you get the chance to see this comment, I would love to interview you at your convenience. (I am hoping to sharpen my skills as a journalist and blogger, but I would also appreciate this opportunity to ask questions for the online magazine I work for,, to ask career-related and travel questions!)

    • Artsalot says:

      Glad you are exploring San Jose! It’s a fun, diverse town! Email me and let’s chat, I’m always up for helping others get writing and adventuring however I can! An interview would be fun!

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